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I am Andrea Caprio

Founder and CEO of Wellness Methods.
I am passionate about living life to the fullest, but in a healthy way! 



A proud mother of 2 amazing adult kids and wife to a caring Italian husband. A true cat lover and travel enthusiast. A master certified transformational nutrition coach. My goal is to help my clients to overcome emotional eating and other health issues so they can get to their perfect weight fast and keep it that way.



I know you are busy, but you should never put your health in the backseat. Let’s work together making yourself a priority, developing a better relationship with your body, and creating a personalized, effective wellness plan that works for YOU. Experience true transformation and achieve permanently your weight and health goals.



I encourage people to read and share my weekly articles as a lot of my experiences and wisdom from my studies or coaching sessions can be found there. Find tips and practices to live a healthier lifestyle, learn the latest mindful techniques, find recipes, read the latest on the science of nutrition and so much more!

“Emotional eating has nothing to do with willpower!

I’ve got news for you, overcoming emotional eating is easier than you think…I’ve been there!…

I understand how you feel and I’m glad you’re here because I know I can help you. How? I have been there myself. I’ve been stressed all the time due to a really demanding job and my own business, having kids, and running a busy life. I developed various digestive issues, food cravings, extreme fatigue, and no energy, had often migraines, hormonal issues, and just didn’t realize that my health was deteriorating. Once I started living a balanced, organized lifestyle and eating the right food, my food cravings starting disappearing, my energy, my health, and my life improved, and that’s why I want to pass on this wisdom to you. Using my condensed knowledge from studying as a transformational nutrition coach, emotional eating expert, and corporate wellness and high-performance coach…

I have put together some amazing programs for you, so you can be helped in no time and with minimum effort!

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Meet Andrea!

Andrea Caprio

As they say, you can never understand how it feels unless you’ve been there yourself.

Admittedly, I used to struggle with health issues from too much stress and unhealthy eating. Thankfully. I found a better way to overcome cravings and uncontrolled eating habits, and now I want to help you meet your health goals and live the life you deserve.

I’m Andrea Caprio, Emotional Eating Expert, and Master Transformational Nutrition Coach, and I’m here to help business professionals to take their power back from overeating with my proven tools and lifestyle hacks!

How it all started?

Back then, I was always on edge, traveling, living in more countries than I can remember, and having more professions, careers, and companies than I would ever have thought.

It sounds awesome but let me tell you, it is pure stress living a life full of change and challenges. And eventually, a few years ago, all the stress had caught up with me, and a few things were not so much fun anymore….

I ate not as healthy as I thought, I had a few parties too many and I worked far too much and stress was my number 1 trigger, I put on weight, had fibroids (removed them but they regrew), had acne (as an adult c’mon), weekly 3-day migraines, bloating and other digestive issues and most of all, I was always tired, add to that hormonal and mood swings, burnout, and anxiety attacks.

A perfect recipe for disaster to come….

Until one day, I did a cleanse, a 21-day cleanse, similar to mine (since I have developed it to a more complete solution check it out here) and I felt so much better.

I got energy, boundless energy, I dropped weight within a few days, my migraines disappeared (until today, I only have a migraine once in a while), my digestion became super happy and my fibroids never came back, oh and my skin is super clear too.

When I realized how much food and lifestyle influenced my health, weight, and wellbeing, I got curious and started studying first as a certified transformational nutrition coach and then I added several specializations to become a master certified transformational nutrition coach to help my clients at a deeper level.

My journey as a Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach would not be as fun and successful without my mentors and influencers (images above). And many other nutrition and health professionals or thought leaders, too many to name here…


  • Todd Herman during the amazing 90DY program (ask me more about this life-changing, high-performance program)
  • Brendon Burchard through his wonderful Experts academy
  • Shawn Stevenson
  • JJ Virgin
  • Christian Mickelson
  • Erin Matlock my amazing mentor and coach

Why Choose Us?

Never underestimate the importance of yourself

Bark, Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Thumbtack, Top Pro, 2021


2022 Miami Awards – Weight Loss

ITN (Institute of Transformational Nutrition)

I am proud and grateful to have Cynthia Pasquella, founder and director of the Institute of transformational nutrition,  as my mentor and teacher where I qualified as a:


Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach


Certified Master Health Coach (CMHC)


Certified digestive health specialist


Certified autoimmune disease specialist


Certified Mental Health & Emotional Eating Specialist


Certified Weightloss Specialist


Certified Natural Health Specialist


Certified Diabetes Specialist


Certified Holistic Cancer Specialist


Certified Hormone Health Specialist

I also serve as a proud member of the ITN student advisory board and am a mentor to other wonderful ITN students.

Further Courses, Certification & Credentials

I was profoundly moved and inspired by Andrea Nakayama, with whom I studied in-depth functional nutrition & digestive health at the Holistic Nutrition Lab


Certified Corporate Wellness coach (CCWC) through the Spencer Institute


Nutritional Herbology certification from New Eden School of Natural health and herbal studies


Holistic nutrition certification from the Natural Healing college


Certificate of Introduction to Psychology from St. Margaret’s Episcopal School


Certificate in Macrobiotic Nutrition from the Waginer University (Holland)


Certified NLP (neurolinguistic programming) practitioner

I also was recognized as the Best Health & Wellness Specialist in Portugal & Florida and got the Award for Excellence in Nutrition Education in Portugal & Florida from AI Global Media and Most Dynamic in Corporate Wellness Solutions 2019 – Portugal.

Master Transformational Nutritional Coach
Autoimmune disease specialist
Hormone Specialist
Digestive health specialist
Mental Health & Emotional Eating Specialist

Client feedback…

Read about their journey to wellness

“Andrea provides simple techniques for busy people to follow healthier habits.  She is an expert in stress, fatigue, chronic and digestive issues and emotional eating. I will highly recommend working with Andrea.”

Bernadine O.

“Andrea provides simple techniques for busy people to follow healthier habits.  She is an expert in stress, fatigue, chronic and digestive issues and emotional eating. I will highly recommend working with Andrea.”

Catarina C.

“Andrea brought clarity and organization to an often chaotic and confusing topic. When it comes to health, getting clear has been the biggest game-changer for me. Andrea’s focus leads to action which is the key to positive change. Thanks!”

Brad R.

What Wellness Methods offers…

Emotional eating and cravings

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Holistic Health & Lifestyle

Support and prevention through natural healing methods.

Emotional Eating & Cravings

Find out what you are really hungry for

Assessment & Action Plan

Investigate root causes and develop a personalized action plan adapted to your health goals.

Optimal Wellness

Nutritional and lifestyle advice on how to beat stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue

Work-Life Balance

The perfect combination between nutrition and mindfulness is to be more productive at your job and reach an inner balance between mind and body.

Digestive Health

Nutrition habits, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments to overcome your digestive issues, food intolerances and get rid of unhealthy toxins for overall health.

Weight Loss & Emotional Eating

Simple tips, routines, and lifestyle changes to promote weight loss and beat food cravings, permanently.

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